Scratch Foam Printmaking


Sarah Allison

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Objective: Students will create a scratch foam print block and copies of this print, interpret works of art by Emory Douglas, and relate the artwork of the Black Panther Party to activist groups of today.

Lesson Description: This lesson is an introduction to printmaking through the lens of printmaker Emory Douglas as an artist of inspiration. The students will be able to create a scratch foam print and make copies of their hand-drawn designs. Inspired by thinking routines from Harvard’s Project Zero, students observe art images, interpret and create a meaningful dialog about what they see, think, and wonder about an image, as well as, practice memorization techniques through look and sketch, and finally discuss the parts, purposes, and complexities of Emory Douglas' works. The parts of the poster might be the colors, shapes, and text in the poster. The purpose of the poster might be to be placed in a visible area and shared on social media. The complexities of the art might be the finer detailed drawings or hidden messages layered within the poster.

Scratch Foam Printmaking

Artists & Inspiration

'Freedom' By Emory Douglas
Artist Emory Douglas
'We Shall Survive Without A Doubt' By Emory Douglas

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