Anti-Racist Art Activities For Kids

38 Creative Projects that Celebrate Diversity and Inspire Change 


Free printables and other resources for each activity!

Unit 1: Identity


Activity 1- Identity Puzzle Collage: Create an identity puzzle map about you.

Activity 2- Identity Symbols: Create a symbol that shows your unique identity.

Activity 3- Your Name is A Work of Art: Transform your name into a work of art.

Activity 4- Our Many Shades of Skin: Learn how to mix various browns to create many skin colors.

Activity 5- Your Unique Colors Collage: Create a self-portrait collage that explores & embraces what makes you unique.

Activity 6- Silhouette Portrait: Create a self-concept silhouette portrait.

Activity 7- ME-Shirt: Design a shirt to represent you.

Activity 8- Affirmation Animals: Create an animal necklace that represents a positive affirmation about yourself.

Unit 2: Culture


Activity 9- Bookmarking Cultural Appreciation: Make a bookmark to honor a culture.

Activity 10- Special Family Foods: Create a recipe for a special family food.

Activity 11- The Best Day of the Year: Draw what the best day of the year looks like to you.

Activity 12- Expressive Landscapes: Draw a landscape that shows your unique aesthetic.

Activity 13- Transgenerational Objects: Create a sculpture that features your family’s history, culture, and traditions. 

Activity 14- The Fabric of Me!: Create a textile design inspired by your home and culture.

Unit 3: Community


Activity 15 - Mapping the Treasures of My Neighborhood: Take a mindful journey in your neighborhood and create a treasure map.

Activity 16 - Drawing Diversity: Practice drawing a diverse group of people in a community setting.

Activity 17 - Community Helper Puppets: Create a puppet of a community helper that challenges your implicit bias.

Activity 18 - Community Heroes: Create an artwork that celebrates an important person in your community.

Activity 19 - Finding Joy: Find joy and celebrate it with art.

Activity 20 - Goal Setting for Growth: Create an artwork that outlines your current goals within your spheres of influence.

Unit 4: Empathy


Activity 21- We Welcome All: Make a welcoming entrance and explore how to create brave spaces.

Activity 22- Equal Isn’t Always Fair: Learn the meaning of equity by solving real-world math problems with modeling clay.

Activity 23 - Compassion Critters: Create a stuffed critter that represents four qualities of compassion.

Activity 24 - Drawing with Magic: Use magic to draw change into the world.

Activity 25 - Challenges to Triumphs: Create a comic strip illustrating a challenge you triumphed.

Activity 26- Powerful Portraits: Create a portrait that challenges stereotypes. 

Unit 5: Justice


Activity 27 - Celebrating Activists: Create an artwork using various materials that celebrates an activist.

Activity 28 - Using Text in Art: Use powerful words to create a work of art. 

Activity 29 - Miniature Billboards: Create a miniature billboard that comments on a social issue.

Activity 30 - Social Activism Mural: Design a mural that shows what is important to your community.

Unit 6: Activism


Activity 31 - Creating Mindful Spaces: Create art for a mindful space you re-designed.

Activity 32 - Growing Reciprocity: Make a native food garden marker. 

Activity 33 - Sustainable Fashion: Repurpose an old t-shirt into a handbag to help our planet. 

Activity 34 - Flying Flags of Hope: Create flags that inspire hope.

Activity 35 - Advocacy Weaving: Create a weaving that advocates for what you believe in.

Activity 36 - Postcards to Politicians: Create a postcard to send to a politician to tell them about an issue you care about.

Activity 37 - Designing My Own Utopia: Learn about Afro-Brazilian resistance and create a diorama of a utopia, free of injustice.

Activity 38 - Collective Logo: Begin to organize a collective and design a logo for your cause.