All Are Welcome Here

"All Are Welcome" written by Alexandra Penfold and illustrated Suzanne Kaufman


Paula Liz

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Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media

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Objective: Students will create a miniature installation of a welcoming entrance.

Overview: What does it mean to feel welcome? Where do we feel welcome? Who makes us feel welcome? What makes us feel welcome? How can we make others feel welcome?

As educators these are a few important questions we should be asking ourselves and our students. Whether teaching virtually or in person it is important that all students feel welcome in our classrooms. We want to create a safe space for our students where they can understand and appreciate each other. But in order to create a welcoming environment we first need to understand what makes us and others feel welcome.

During this 5 part art assignment we will be exploring these concepts as we create a miniature welcoming entrance. For an introduction we will read the story “All Are Welcome” written by Alexandra Penfold and illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman. During the next four classes we will look at the art of Carmen Lomas Garza, Kadir Nelson, Steph Boutari, and Tiny Doors ATL for inspiration.

Students will begin by thinking of a place that they feel welcome (either real or imaginary) and drawing an entrance to that place. They will then think about what makes others feel welcome and add those details to their drawing. Finally, students will present their welcoming entrances by constructing a miniature installation. ¡Todos son bienvenidos aquí!

Artists & Inspiration

Carmen Lomas Garza

Kadir Nelson

Tiny Doors ATL

Student Examples