Heather Brubaker

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Mixed Mediums

Lesson Objective: Students will learn about stereotypes and discrimination from the author /illustrator Robert Ray and his book “Stereo-What?!” They will then create visual works of art challenging stereotypes in their own school community.


This lesson is three fold: Unpacking and understanding what a stereotype is, how stereotyping is presented in children's literature while learning about the the life and work of a marginalized community member, an African American incarcerated male. The author/illustrator of this book is serving a life sentence in prison. Students will learn about Mr. Ray as a person and a creative writer/artist. Students will create artwork that will challenge stereotyping. I have received permission from Mr. Ray to use photos of his book throughout this slide presentation. Teachers will learn about how systemic racism is a part of our educational system by learning about the life of a man who wrote and published his first book while incarcerated. I have included letters and essay's from Mr. Ray in the speaker notes for teacher background knowledge.

Artists & Inspiration

Cover of 'Stereo What?!' by Robert K. Ray

Illustration from 'Stereo What?!' by Robert K. Ray

Illustration by Kate Moross

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