Say Something


Francesca Levy @mslevyteachesart

Grade Level:

2nd & 3rd Grade


Drawing & Painting

Objective: How can you use your voice to stand up for what you believe in? What would you say?

Teaching students to use their voice is more important now than ever. One of my greatest joys as an educator is showing children that they are powerful, their voice matters and they can make the world a better place. I did this lesson inspired by @peterhreynolds book “Say Something” with my second and third graders this past year. We looked at children activists as well as artists who are using art as a form of activism. We talked about things that were important to us and how we can use our voice to speak up when we see someone being unkind or doing something that is unjust. I’ve loved seeing how this lesson has inspired other art teachers so I decided to make it available, including my presentation, on TpT.

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Artists & Inspiration

Say Something

By Peter Reynolds