Find ideas & inspiration. Art lessons to help remove biases, stereotypes, and false narratives.

Before you begin to create lesson plans, it is important that you take the time to listen, learn, and reflect first.
"It's new to you, but it's not new. When you move too fast and you're moving with these still unexamined unconscious racist thoughts and beliefs, you're actually going to do more harm because you don't yet know what you don't know."

Mindful Meals by Paula Liz

Outside The Lines by Doodles Academy

Picasso's Peace Flowers
by Jordan Eggers

Portraits of Value
by Paula Liz

Rainbow of Diversity
by Randy Butler

Reusable Bags
by Paula Liz

"StereoWhat?!" by Heather Brubaker

Teach Us Your Name
by Paula Liz

Tiny Protest Posters
by Leela Payne

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