I love My...


Jenny Kaste

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Objective: Students will use the style of Andrea Pippins to create a positive identity portrait.

Description: Students will listen To Andrea read her picture book 'Who Will You Be' and talk about identity and goals in terms of positive characteristics. Then they will watch her video about her coloring book and think about the things they love about themselves. Finally we will look at her work and identify that her style includes a small pallet of 3-4 bright bold colors, and the repetition of blocky geometric shapes such as zigzags, triangles, lightning bolts and lines. Students will take a self portrait and then use the markup tools in photo to edit their photo. They will add the words "I love My..." to their portrait.

Artists & Inspiration

Who Will You Be? - Read Aloud With Author Andrea Pippins | Brightly Storytime Together: https://youtu.be/kqwiw3rLxJ4
I Love My Hair Coloring Book | by Andrea Pippins: https://youtu.be/zLl7sj8b0EE

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