Gender Stereotypes & Mulan



IG: @teach4tamara

Grade Level:

Elementary & Middle



Objective: Students will be able to identify gender stereotypes and understand why we cannot put people in boxes.

Day 1: Super fun activity we did the week before Fall Break. I always love doing social justice move/tv lessons before a break when kids are getting antsy. I adjusted this because it was initially designed for much older students. Thanks @teachinstyle_ for the idea! Last year I did this and students were able to identify when characters were promoting gender stereotypes in the literature we were reading! Super cool stuff!


Identifying when literary characters are promoting gender stereotypes, such as Ellray Jakes.

Artists & Inspiration

This lesson was adapted for K-2nd grade students from Project Wellness' Upper Elementary/Middle School lesson on gender stereotypes. Check out their site for worksheets to go with the lesson!